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The best in class…

«Capacity wise it has all the characteristics of a self propelled harvester…»

A high capacity double train picking head and a lot of components used by the self propelled range harvesters make G2 a high performer in the vineyard. G2 can capacity wise is compared with the self propelled range.

« The G2: a pleasure to drive… »

The new ultra compact console allows you to operate the harvester in an ergonomic way no matter what tractor you drive. All functions and settings for G2 are operated from the new console and joystick, this makes you harvesting under safe and comfortable conditions.

«Capacity and harvest quality do go hand in hand…»

G2 is equipped standard with 2 bottom cleaning fans but you can also choose from 2 top cleaning fans or the on board sorting systems like Cleantech and Cleantech Vario ®. Whatever the working speed you can always get the harvest quality you prefer.
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